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New York Sunshine x Golden Goose Deluxe Brand


Labor of Love

We hail from Venice. We believe in the power of plurality.

This is the first part of a long journey that will revolve around GGDB heritage and roots.
We started involving New York Sunshine, the collective of artists and makers, in a series of seven performances, and filmed them to coincide with the Venice Biennale of Architecture. The process is the end product for NYS: they make things, only to destroy them. Like we do: we like the impeccably artisanal, only to distress it. We let the New York Sunshine's performances collide with the launch of STARDAN sneakers, our homage to American basketball and craftsmanship.

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STARDAN defines our ultimate worn-out effect, carrying indelible sign of life, and pages of our history.
We used the iconic colors of US basketball teams, and put a net on the star as a wink to the basket itself. We worked with plain leathers, and with heavily distressed ones. We like things in revers: the more STARDAN is broken, the rarer it is.

STARDAN will be available in five different colorways, gradually releasing in the course of the year. Every colorway will come up in a both heavily distressed and clean version, first in a very limited, numbered edition. Once the stock is over, the preciousness of STARDAN will be fully revealed. Being unrepeatable is the true meaning of uniqueness.

"NYS makes art that is part of life, that should be lived, used and abused, not contemplated.
We fully embrace their point of view. Fashion, for us, matters as a part of life."


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