Letter of Love

GGDB presents Letter of Love, a brand film directed by Luca Finotti featuring Emmanuelle Seigner, Paris Jackson, Roberto Rossellini, Jenke Tailly, and Luka Isaac.

It celebrates our profound, ever-present Venetian bond with a declaration of love to the city, translated onto 35mm and Vhs rolls by Finotti and Golden Lion’s winner director of photography André Turpin.

The five characters, whose outstanding identities blend with the Venice scenario, represent our own idea of the living in Venice: emotional intersections, performing arts, logistic struggles, and glimpses of a usually unseen Venice beauty.

Letter of Love builds up the Venice-centered storytelling Vita a Venezia (Life in Venice) in conjunction with Tom Johnson’s printed campaign, and follows the release of Labor of Love, an art collaboration with the New York Sunshine collective.


"We hail from Venice.
We believe in the power of plurality."


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